Functional Training

The old ways of getting fit are simply not very practical. That’s why we’re changing things. Introducing functional training. This revolutionary concept will forever change the way we exercise. By focusing on exercises that work the true function of your body, we are able to give you real-world training with real-world applications.

Why Functional Training?

Muscles cannot move on their own. They must be told exactly which movements to make and when to make them by the nervous system. Functional training is about training movements, not muscles. Research is showing that without optimized neuromuscular coordination, our bodies are not functioning at their fullest potential and injury is more likely. While weight machines alone can increase maximum strength, functional training produces smoother, more efficient and more powerful movements, which transforms maximum strength into usable strength.

Who Can Benefit From Functional Training?

Functional training is for anyone and everyone, regardless of physical shape or age. It can help increase anyone’s athleticism, strength, fluidity, power and efficiency. It can improve anyone’s overall movement in everything they do, from playing tennis to swinging a golf club to raking the lawn.

How Does Your Program Work?

At Active Escapes, our experienced trainers work one-on-one with you to develop a comprehensive, fully customized program that builds on personal success and is tailor-made for your particular life and needs.


Core Objectives


  • Prevent injury, reduce physical discomfort, and increase performance
  • Alter and improve functional movement patterns
  • Improve nervous system activity
  • Prepare the body for movement skills in a functional environment
  • Reduce the gap between ideal functional movement patterns and those we are currently capable of performing
  • Reduce gap between absolute strength and functional strength
  • Teach how the human body is built and how it is designed to move

Long Term:

  • Change the current exercise and movement paradigm
  • Restore the concept of the body as being a single integrated neuromusculoskeletal whole
  • Teach and promote creative, intelligent, primal play
  • Improve long term quality of life